About the Artist

My name is Faith Massey and I own and operate Images by Faith Portrait Art, a boutique studio nestled in the beautiful Lake Norman area, just outside Charlotte, NC. My passion for art started early and I explored many different mediums. I studied fine art and graphic design in college, but found my true love in photography after having my first child in 1994. After moving from California in 2004 I opened my heart and my studio here in Huntersville. As a mother of 5 beautiful children, I am very comfortable working with babies and new parents alike. My style has been described as natural, refined and unpretentious and I love to highlight every sweet detail of your child. I use primarily natural light to capture the soft sweet beauty found in children.As a mother myself, I realize just how quickly babies grow and change.I have studied and mastered the art of capturing and preserving this short time in your child’s life. I would love to cherish these fleeting moments with you.

One thought on “About the Artist

  1. i have been looking at your photos, i can not believe how stunning and beautiful they are.You have got tremendous talent with a camera, Keep the good work!!!! up i love looking at all your photos.

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