A beautiful Italian 1st bday! (Charlotte baby photographer)

Sophia & Nick came in for Sophia’s first birthday photos. What a gorgeous little girl, and a super sweet and cute big brother. They both have the most amazing eye lashes and are just too cute. Nick was a big helper as Sophia is walking now and wants her independence :) You wouldn’t believe the temper on such a sweet, petite angel of a baby! Needless to say, she was too gorgeous not to get some great shots, even if we made her mad a time or two :) Meet Sophia & Nick!

4 thoughts on “A beautiful Italian 1st bday! (Charlotte baby photographer)

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  2. Sofia def had the temper that day!!!! LOL We love the way they came out….you are awesome Faith!!! Thanks so much for your patience and great ideas. We look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again ~ Cindy

  3. Faith, you did a great job, the kids look beautiful. I knew that you were going to get some nice shots. I cant wait to see all of them.

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