“Forget the Chocolate” Valentine Special (Charlotte boudoir photography)

Ladies, let’s face it, our husband’s are visual creatures. They are like camera’s taking snap shots of all the things they see through out the day. In this day and age, they are being bombarded with visual images on TV, magazines, billboards, etc… I once heard a pastor say, “Be visually generous with your husband, so he doesn’t have to pull from all the images that he has captured throughout the day.”  Help stock their file cabinet with visual images of you. Beautiful, sexy imagery that will make their hearts beat a little faster. Nothing trashy, or over the top, just fun, playful, sexy images for his eyes only. Less is more. I like to keep it simple, leave some things to the imagination.

As a mom of 5, I know how having a baby can change your relationship with your husband. We are not as confident about our bodies, we have spent countless nights getting less than adequate sleep, and over all our focus has turned toward mothering. Our first responsibility is still to our husbands.

I have a passion for re-igniting the spark between couples. I think it is so important to feel good about ourselves and feel sexy, to help us maintain a healthy relationship with our spouses. Having a boudoir session can give you the confidence you need to reconnect after a new baby, or even after years of marriage. It is a wonderful wedding present as well for all of you engaged women :) My clients have told me that they have gotten as much out of the sessions as their husbands because it made them feel so good about themselves.

Boudoir photography is for Vivacious,  Flirtatious, Fun, Beautiful women of ALL shapes and sizes!

Let’s face it…there is nothing more sexy than confidence!

The “Forget the Chocolate” special is for boudoir sessions throughout February, in honor of good ol’ St Valentine :)

2 hour Session with 2 looks

Fully retouched images for preview

DVD slideshow of images in a custom case


If you’d like to book a session, or just find out more please feel free to contact me anytime!


(704) 766-0661

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