Sweet baby Mason (Charlotte area newborn photographer)

This adorable little man came into the studio this week ready to party. He just new if he went to sleep he would miss something. Well after several snacks and lots of snuggling he finally gave in and went to sleep. That is when the fun began :) Maybe he knew we would be putting him in all sorts of baskets and stuff and putting hats on him?? Well we did and he slept through all of it:) Meet Mason!

Beautiful newborn twins… More Italian babies :) (Charlotte newborn photographer)

I went into Charlotte to capture the first days off these two beautiful babies. Luciana and Nico are a week old and good size for twins! They slept like a charm and were so much fun to work with. I also had a whole team helping me as mom had a nanny and nanny’s mom there to help as well. Needless to say, cleaning up, feeding, rocking etc… was a lot easier with more hands. Meet Nico & Luciana!

A beautiful Italian 1st bday! (Charlotte baby photographer)

Sophia & Nick came in for Sophia’s first birthday photos. What a gorgeous little girl, and a super sweet and cute big brother. They both have the most amazing eye lashes and are just too cute. Nick was a big helper as Sophia is walking now and wants her independence :) You wouldn’t believe the temper on such a sweet, petite angel of a baby! Needless to say, she was too gorgeous not to get some great shots, even if we made her mad a time or two :) Meet Sophia & Nick!