The Tarleton Family (charlotte area family photographer)

Miss Andrea brought her beautiful family in last weekend for a session. Miss Andrea is my daughter, Savannah’s, preschool teacher (with Miss Becky). Andrea’s kids were very quiet and sweet. It took a little time to get some real smiles out of them, but they loosened up pretty quickly. Now about Miss Andrea, I love her. I love all the teachers at the preschool, but I just don’t know if they realize how special they really are. Savannah can be a difficult child. She has some “issues” sometimes with control. She always wants to have it:) I have seen such growth in her this year, and I attribute that to these loving ladies who snuggle her, make her feel secure, and just in general create a welcoming environment for her. Miss Andrea & Miss Becky said they have decided to keep her :) They want her to repeat the 3 year old class next year… Ha Ha It is tempting as then I know she would be in a comfortable place and happy to go to school. Thank you Andrea for loving my baby and making it so much easier for me to do my second favorite job (taking pictures!) I hope you love your images

Seth & Samantha (charlotte area children’s photographer)

These little cuties belong to my daughter’s preschool teacher. Another awesome teacher who dedicates her time and love to my baby! Seth and Samantha came in all smiles and ready to play. We had a great time playing and laughing. Seth is going to be the next big hockey star! And Samantha, well she could be anything… She is vibrant, fun spirited, and has the most gorgeous hair! Take a peek…

Kids Day! (Charlotte area children’s photographer)

My baby, Jack’s teacher’s finally brought in their kids for a fun photo shoot! I have been wanting to photograph them for a long time now because I wanted to give something special back to the sweet ladies who love on my Jack while I am working to capture everyone else’s babies :) I love what I do, but definitely couldn’t do it without knowing my children are more than safe, but also loved and being taught about Jesus. These teachers do this remarkably well, and I just adore them! So here are their kiddos!

East Meck Prom night!

My sweet nephew Sport attends East Meck High in Charlotte, so being his first Prom (he is a sophomore) I went out to capture the big night (well afternoon leading up to it!) He asked me if I would get some group shots with his friends, but I really thought he was exaggerating when he said there would be about 20 couples! Well he wasn’t kidding! We went to his girlfriend Emma’s house first, then off to the next house, where we met 6 couples there. Then to the final home before dinner were about 15 couple gathered to take some photos and head the Blu in uptown. It was total chaos! I hope I got what he was looking for!!! Fun Fun, couple more weeks and my baby goes to her first prom!

My daughter, Ashley, and her older cousin Sport! You’re next babe!