Twins… Twice the fun! (Charlotte area newborn photographer)

Sweet Liam and Brady came in for their newborn portraits and are they cute! They spent the last 4-5 weeks in the NICU but they are growing fast and doing well. They have been in separate cribs in the NICU so they were not used to being so close to each other. We finally got them to sleep for some sweet sleepy shots and once we separated them the snuggled right in. Here are a couple of sneak peeks.

Sweet Grace (Charlotte newborn photographer)

This little peanut “graced” me with her sweet self today. We were a little nervous as she came in wide eyed and bushy tailed. After some snuggling and a full belly, mom got her off to sleepy land and we played for a couple of hours. Her daddy is a wine distributor so he brought along a few props! The bottle in this sneak peek is probably empty now as he told me he was saving it for when his first child was born :) She is a gorgeous baby and she did a beautiful job modeling for me today. Doesn’t her mama look beautiful too! Take a peek.

Sweet baby Kohen (charlotte newborn photographer)

This little guy just couldn’t wait to show up. His mommy was scheduled to have her maternity portraits taken last Sunday, but to her surprise, Mr Kohen decided to come 5 weeks early. He looks a lot like daddy, I think, and what a little peanut, just over 5 pounds! I had fun snuggling him a bit and of course trying to coerce ┬áhim into the poses I wanted from him :) Take a peek at this little doll! Oh yeah and he even got in the sling for us! I laid him in there and he was perfect, but after we adjusted him, oh and he peed all over, he wasn’t as happy about it, but mom talked him into it!

Beautiful Cainan!!! (newborn photographer charlotte,nc)

This little sweet heart came in at 8 days old, just as cute as can be. His mom and dad are so photogenic, I’m sure he will be on the cover of GQ someday! He let us try out some new furniture and a blue/brown backdrop that will look great hanging in my studio! We had to work a bit too keep him asleep, but all in all, he did a fabulous job. Take a peek at Cainan.

One and Two…Abigail and Collin (charlotte baby photographer)

I went out to Abigail’s grandmother’s home for some family pictures. I have been photographing Abigail for 2 years now, what a beauty! I just photographed her brother Andrew in Dec, Yeah another beautiful baby! Grandma has wanted a portrait of Abigail in a tutu with pearls since she saw my daughter Savannah’s picture 2 years ago. We set the seen, a little window light and the perfect model and there ya have it! We also ran out side for a few as it was quite cold! Isn’t she cute in her winter hat! Take a peek…

Sweet Collin is behind on the sessions, we did his 1 year at 17 months! He gets cuter everytime I see him. Tell me he and his brother aren’t going to be heart breakers! I have photographed them both since birth, and I adore their family! Coincidentally both Abigail and Colin have the same last name… Nope they are not related. Take a peek at this little curly haired cutie pie!