This tough little guy came in at a week old. He is soo cute. Mom is beautiful too, which helps! He wasn’t feeling great that day so he wouldn’t stay asleep long, but we got some good shots of him! Here are a few sneak peeks.


Sweet Baby Olivia

Little Olivia came in this week at 8 weeks old. Mom swears she sleeps all the time, but she didn’t want to miss a moment while she was in the studio. I think we got her to sleep for all of about 5 minutes :) She was too cute though. I got the most smiles while I was holding her and talking to her, not so many while I had the camera in hand. She is a very serious baby, quite the thinker. We had fun trying different things and working to get the little dumpling to sleep. Here are a few shots from our session.


Layla’s growing up…

This gorgeous little lady is growing up too fast. She is getting such a personality too! What a cutie pie. We spent some time talking about school, dancing, and smelling the flowers outside. Take a look at some of the many faces of Layla. Can’t wait to edit the rest.


Phillips ~ Grant Wedding

Last weekend in a small town of NC a sweet couple took their vows as nightfall came. At the Manor House in Waxhaw, a beautiful place to get married if your looking by the way, Traci and Greg married on the porch of this beautiful home, and then danced the night away under the tent in the back. The tent had a beautiful soft light, good food, and a great band. The only thing that could have made the wedding pictures better would have been a little more light after the ceremony. The Manor House has awesome grounds, bridges, ponds, etc… which we did not get to take advantage of. Other than that, the wedding was gorgeous and the bride deserved the perfect day, she has had a rough year to say the least!  We are praying for you Traci and I know it is going to get better! Greg is a great guy and Traci has a genuinely sweet spirit, you both deserve a lifetime of happiness! Here’s to the next 50 years!!! A couple sneak peeks of the day!


Sweet little Jordyn…

This little sweetie pie came in and showed her stuff this week. Dad was a bit concerned because she has been known to be a bit temperamental. Guess she wanted to prove him wrong. She also took a pacifier like a champ for the first time! Another thing dad said she didn’t do. It’s ok dad, its just like a girl to want to prove you wrong, just wait til she is a teenager :) Surprisingly she slept through much of the session and we got 90 % finished before she decided it was time to eat. She does have some vocal cords on her as she makes sure she is heard when she wants something, but how could you not just love that sweet little face?? She is gorgeous! Oh and by the way, she is a month old, not a wee 6-7 days like she looks, hence the temperament!


Baby Noah Came to play today…

I got to meet the sweetest family today. Tasha and Michael drove all the way from Greensboro for me to photograph their sweet little Noah. What a great family! Tasha made me feel like the queen of photography. I felt like we were long lost friends. She greeted me with a hug and nearly teared up talking about my work with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. Noah is her only child, and after so many complications, they haven’t decided whether or not they will go through it all again. I feel pretty strongly that in a year or so, they will be ready to do it again. Little Noah needs a brother or sister to look after! Besides, Tasha is such an awesome mommy, she needs one more! Here are a few of the images we captured! Look at those gorgeous eyes, and why do the boys always have the great lashes? Enjoy!IMG_0468-02AIMG_0610peekIMG_0576peekIMG_0445-01AIMG_0496-03A

Little Lincoln

Sweet little Lincoln came a bit early, you know those full moons :)  She came in to the studio this week to capture some sweet little moments for mom and dad to remember always. This week has been a funny week with newborns, maybe its the weather?? Seems no one really wants to sleep :) All my babies this week have been a bit on the fussy side. After much coaxing though, we got them to sleep! Here are a couple of sneak peeks of baby Lincoln. Can you see who she looks like?? (I think dad??)

IMG_0258bwc peekIMG_0320bw peekIMG_0372bw peek

Sweet little Morgan

I went to my clients house this week to photograph little Morgan. She is a little bundle of sweetness with a whole lot of dark hair. Mom says they were expecting a blondie, but here she is with all kinds of dark hair. She is a beautiful little girl, with tons of personality already. I photographed her in her nursery, which was decorated in lavender and green, so cute. Her mom is beautiful too, so what do you expect? Here are a few images from out session.

IMG_0185bw peekIMG_0158 peek

IMG_0233bw peekIMG_0209bw peek

Happy Birthday Robby! My miracle baby turns 8!

I don’t usually put my personal excerpts out here on my blog, but wanted to share with some of you a special gift I received from God. My husband Brian and I were told we would not ever be able to have children together. I know, those of you who know me are scratching your heads, “but she has 6 kids!” you say. I became a single mom when my oldest Ashley was 3 and her baby sister was still a newborn. I met my wonderful husband Brian when Ashley was almost 4 and Molly was 10 months old. After being told we would not be able to have kids, we went to  foster parenting. A short time after our training we were given a one time opportunity to try IVF (fully covered by our insurance). Our first foster child John was placed with us in January, and I was pregnant in March. I had a difficult pregnancy with preterm labor from about 12 weeks on. Being re-assured that all was well and this baby was not going to come early, I tried to sleep… After visiting my sister Devon in the hospital on Sunday night after having her first baby Phoebe, I went home to some pretty strong contractions. Sure it was sympathy labor I slept through it. By 6 am, I knew we would be taking the fun trek to the hospital to stop labor again! (I had been several times already.) Upon arriving at the hospital and waiting for the nurses to finish there salary discussion, I was put in a gown and hooked up to see what was going on. All seemed fine until the first contraction hit. Robby’s little heart beat dropped from 140 to 25 bpm. Not a good thing… Trying to stay calm :) the nurse went running down the hall yelling for the doctor. After the contraction, his heart rate came back to normal, thankfully.  The doctor came in with a sonogram machine to see if she could see what was happening. During the ultra sound I had another contraction and again Robby’s heart almost stopped beating. I have never seen people move so fast as they did at that moment. I was prepped and put in the OR in less than 5 minutes. Begging to have a spinal block so I could know what was going on (they wanted to knock me out), I was given the quickest block in town and immediately cut open. Within a few seconds they pulled the lifeless little baby out of my womb without a heart beat and not breathing. I don’t remember much at that point other than pure fear because I could not hear my baby’s cry. I looked to my husband, who reassured me with a smile, that all was ok. I cried out to God to save my baby. I don’t really remember, but my husband said I was screaming out in prayer. In the next moments I heard a doctor say ” we have a heart beat” I didn’t get to see my sweet son before they whisked him off to the NICU, or hear his sweet voice, but I knew God had let him stay here on earth with us. He was 2 months early and weighed 4 pounds 9 ounces (he was going to be a big baby!) I look back now and see so clearly how God used that tragic moment to strengthen my faith and make Himself real to me. In only 13 days, our little Robby came home from the hospital at 4lbs 2 oz. You would never know it today as he towers over his 10 year old brother John. And as for miracles, well we have sweet Savannah and baby Jack too, who came to us with no IVF, just God. And isn’t that enough. When ever it seems like everything is against you, remind yourself, “just God” that is all you need! Some people ask me how can I do what I do with the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep organization, I do it because God gave me back my son. The ending to so many others story isn’t so wonderful. I’m so grateful to have Robby, and I want to give the families who lose their sweet babies something back. Something to say this baby was here, and he or she made a difference in their lives. They were beautiful and precious in God’s sight, and ours. I only hope I can give back to people just a piece of what I have been given in Robby. He is my miracle baby, and he reminds me of it often. All of our babies are miracles, from the moment they are conceived! Hug them tight and tell them you love them everyday, because no one knows their time… Here are a couple of pics from Robby’s first days and his birthday last  night.

just born and on a ventDaddys touch

finally off the tubesfirst breath2

Going Homegoing home with mommy 10-13-01

8 years old and counting…IMG_4404bwc

Sweet baby Kate…

Little Kate came in for her newborn session this week. What a cutie pie! She is so alert too. She didn’t want to miss a moment of the action, so getting her to go to sleep was a challenge. I don’t think she liked hanging out in her birthday suit either! Once we did finally get her to sleep I had to work fast so we could get some of the fun sleepy baby shots! Here are a couple from our session.

IMG_0087bwc peekIMG_0111bwc peek