Little ‘Mac’…

Walter Mac, a 13 pound newborn (actually he is 7 weeks), came in to do some portraits. Mom was a little worried he may not cooperate, but he did great. He is a beautiful baby. Dad is a football coach so we went with a sports theme for a few. It would have been impossible to take a bad picture of this sweet little guy as he was just so beautiful, sleeping or awake! Thanks for making me look good little man! Take a peek :)

IMG_9789 peekIMG_9808 peekIMG_9828peekIMG_9842peek

Beautiful Brooklyn… No not NY!

IMG_9535bwc peekIMG_9529bwc peekI think Brooklyn is becoming quite the chic name these days. My sister was ahead of the game 10 years ago when she had her first girl and named her Brooklyn. In the past month I have worked with two baby Brooklyn’s. I love the name. This little sweetie came in and gave us some great images! She wanted to hang out and sleep was far from her mind, so we really had to work for it! She is so beautiful, you should see her mom (a beauty too!). We had fun. Take a peek at what we got…

Lily Bug…

As pretty as a flower is the best description for sweet Lily. She came in with mom, dad, and Nana. Barely home from the hospital, and surprising mom and dad by showing up 3 weeks early, she was putty in my hands. I am so glad we got to capture some sweet images of her and her Nana who is clearly in awe of this precious gift from God. She is already a daddy’s girl as you can see by the sweet smile she has on her face while daddy was whispering in her ear. I can’t wait for mom and dad to see all of the images we captured and to create a special announcement to welcome sweet Lily into the family.

IMG_9335bwc peekIMG_9380 peekIMG_9424bw peekIMG_9468bw peek

Baby Brecken

Sweet baby Brecken (named for the beautiful Brecken¬†Ridge, Co, where her parents were married), came in at 15 days old to create some beautiful art for mommy and daddy. She is a beautiful little girl and clearly her parents pride and joy.¬†Brecken, was much more tolerant and cooperative than I think mom expected her to be. I guess she has already developed a little “attitude” mom says. Attitude or not, she was as good as gold for me :) Dad says I must be a hypnotist! I don’t know about that, just an experienced mama with a little extra dose of patience. Enjoy these sweet pics of Brecken, she is going to grow so quickly!

IMG_9240peekIMG_9299peekIMG_9318 peek

Beautiful Mama..

Can you believe this tiny little woman is carrying twins. If you saw her from the back, you wouldn’t even know that she was pregnant. She was an absolutely gorgeous subject and a natural in front of the camera. Her hubby didn’t do too bad either :) She has made it past 34 weeks and counting, so these little babies should be born with out too many complications, and hopefully skip the trip to the NICU all together. I am looking forward to meeting them! Should be any week now! Keep up the good work Laura, you’re going to be a great mommy!

IMG_8689bw peekIMG_8732bw peek

Wedding on the Lake…

Lake Norman is a gorgeous place to get married and I have been blessed to have captured a few of them this summer. Aaron and Deborah came in from the Wake Forest area to say their vows on a yacht that felt more like a small ship. After exchanging rings and a little food, the party got started. The bride and groom have some wonderful friends and family and most of them like to dance. The ship was rockin with great music, fun people, and lots of dancing! Here are a couple of sneak Peeks.



IMG_8913peekIMG_8941peekWell I had a week of beautiful babies, does life get any better than that? Sweet Sophia came in and showed me her gummy grin. Full of smiles and inquisition, at 11 months she wanted to check out everything. Can’t wait to see her again in the fall for her Christmas pics!