I think I’m seeing double…

There are twins every where. I have worked with 3 sets of twins in the past 2 weeks. 2 girls, 2 boys and a boy/ girl set! Twice as beautiful and twice the work. These two little sweeties are 10 weeks old and full of fun. Not as sleepy as a newborn, but we did manage to get them to sleep for a few. Brooklyn was wide eyes and happy as can be. Little Riley Grace wasn’t as sure about the new surroundings. They both were very good though, and much easier than I anticipated. Here are a couple sneak peeks!

IMG_7780s peek


Riley Grace

Riley Grace


2 peas in a pod, 2 blessings from God…

Sully Joe and Ada Layne are home from the NICU. They are sweet little miracles. After being born at 29 weeks and only weighing about 3 lbs a piece, fighting an infection in their small intestines, and learning how to eat, breathe, and all the rest of the stuff we take for granted, they have come home and are doing great. I went up to WV to see them and do their first portrait session. We split it up into two days as the lighting moved around the house and sweet Ada was wide awake the first day I tried. Day 2 we braved the hanging scale and managed to fit them both in there. I felt so blessed to be able to capture who they are at this wonderful stage of their life and look forward to photographing them again as they grow.

In these pictures Ada is 4.5 lbs and Sully 5.5 lbs.

IMG_8047bw webIMG_7931bw peek2IMG_7962 peekIMG_7985s peekIMG_8008peekIMG_8031bw peek

Baby Lila…

This sweet little girl came in to have her first session at about a week old. We had fun trying to get her to sleep. She really wanted to know what was going on. I did get a great display piece though! Love those itty bittys!

IMG_6468bwc peek

Pittman boys

These sweet little guys came in so we could capture a special big boy portrait of Andre. We also wanted to see if we could get Jordan to smile! We were successful on all counts. They are so cute, and were a blast to work with!

IMG_6209peekIMG_6333 peekIMG_6149peek

Molly’s Bday Party

Molly’s Party
For my daughters 12th birthday we decided to have a Top Model party. What girls don’t like to get all dressed up and have a professional photo shoot. We had a fashion show, make up artist, hair stylist, it was a blast. All of these beautiful girls are just as they are, no touching up! Looking for a fun party idea for a girly girl, this is a hit!