Sweet Kayleigh prayer warriors…

I just have to say how wonderful and inspiring it has been to see such an amazing group of people, most of you strangers to each other, and other than cyber friends, have never met the Freeman’s, come around and lift this wonderful family up and support them in such a tireless journey for the healing of sweet Kayleigh. I do not volunteer for this organization for praise from others, or to help my business, or anything other than I feel it in my heart is a true calling from God. From the first time I heard of the organization I knew I had to be a part. After 2 years and so many babies and families later, I am still so passionate about it. This is really a very private ministry, so I seldom have the chance to share my experiences with anyone other than my family and my teenage daughter Ashley, who has been on over half of the NILMDTS sessions with me, as my supported, light holder, and shoulder to cry on. I have to say that all of the sweet words of encouragement, and praise each of you has left has really touched me and I am so glad I had the opportunity to share this video with all of you, who like me, followed along each post to see “how Kayleigh was doing” each week. (or day).I know many of you probably felt like family to Kayleigh and mourned her loss right along side of Adam & Aimee, so I only felt it fair to share the healing power of the photographs that will be in our hearts forever. Being the mom of 6 healthy children, I can only imagine the pain of losing a child, but feel like giving of myself and my time is the least I can do in Jesus’ name to help be a vessel to deliver some healing from our Great Physician. May the Lord bless each of you for your compassion and love for the Freeman’s and Sweet Kayleigh. May her spirit live on in each of our hearts.

God Bless!

Kayleigh Anne Freeman

Kayleigh Anne
This has been a tough week. As some of you know, I am the area coordinator for an organization that helps parents hearts to heal with professional photography that comes to the hospital when a child will not be leaving. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep has been my passion for the past 2 years now, and I am blessed to be a part of it. Usually I am not able to talk about the families I work with for obvious reasons, but I was with a very special family this week that gave me permission to share about their sweet Kayleigh. The first time I talked with Kayleigh’s mom Aimee was over a year ago, while she was carrying Kayleigh. After receiving a bad fetal diagnosis that Kayleigh was not growing as she should, the doctors all but gave up on Kayleigh’s survival. Adam and Aimee were told Kayleigh would most likely pass away in-utero. They refused to believe this and began (with many others) to cry out to God for a miracle. After suffering from life threatening pre-ecclamsia, Aimee delivered Kayleigh at 28 weeks. While this might not sound so bad, remember Kayleigh was not nearly as big as she should have been. She came into this world at 1lb 1 oz. This is where she showed all those who did not believe in her, that she was sent by God to show people that “Nothing is impossible with God”. She fought off death several times, and after 7 major surgeries, including being the smallest baby to ever under go open heart surgery at Levine, and more than 240 other smaller procedures, she was brought to the end of her short journey here on earth. Her dad, Adam, blogged the entire 11 months of her life and thousands of people around the world followed her progress along the way. She is an inspiration to so many, including myself, who is just in awe of what a crusader she is! After following along with the rest of the world to her story, I had hoped I would be photographing her homecoming, or her first birthday party, but instead, I was called in to be with her parents and family and friends to photograph her final hours. While it was incredibly sad, I have to say that I have never seen such strength, and that only can come from our Rock and our Salvation, Jesus. I had the opportunity to witness a family at peace, knowing their child will be ushered into the presence of our awesome creator and know that she will be comforted in a way we could never have comforted her here. If you would like to read about Kayleigh’s story, go to her blog http://kayleighannefreeman.blogspot.com/ (A link is located on the blogroll.)

I have put together a video of the images from her last day here on earth

A Class with a classy photographer!

I spent the day Tuesday with an amazing photographer and huge inspiration Karen Goforth. We had a big class (22 photographers). We talked about everything from marketing to photography in general. I think continued education as an artist is the most important thing we can do to better ourselves. Some classes offer more than others, but this was a great day, and I took a lot home from it. Thanks Karen, for not holding back a thing, and being the person you are!

Joe came to play…

Joe is 2, and wants to see it all. We played inside and outside and smelled flowers, and climbed the rock wall. He even played a little catch with me. He is a serious little guy, but has a wonderful disposition. He is one handsome little boy too! Amazing blue eyes. Here is a peek at him for mom and grandma!!


Sweet Maggie is home from Bolivia where her parents have been missionaries. She is quite a miracle. She had an unknown heart defect that made it impossible for her to remain at the 12k altitude where her parents were serving, so she is back in the US! We thank God for her sweet life and the opportunity for us to celebrate her first birthday! Here are a couple sneak peeks for you.

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Images by Faith
Here are some Bellies & Babies for you all to see. I love the newbies! Fresh from the oven. We have some oven shots too! Enjoy!!!