My Kiddos

A quick update on my little ones.

I did some pics of Jack outside while it was still warm. Now at 30 degrees I dare to walk him to the car! We hate to be cold. He is looking a little like his sister Savannah, and a bit like his brother Robby! I also caught Savannah off guard at the father daughter dance at church. She will not let me photograph her anymore. She covers her face and holds her other hand out towards me while yelling “no pictures, no pictures!” You would think I was the papparazzi or something. Guess she is preparing for stardom. I also got a shot of my older girls with dad at the father daughter dance. They all look so pretty! Enjoy.





Ash & Savannah (2 peas in a pod!)

Ash & Savannah (2 peas in a pod!)


Tis the season for Family Pictures

The Duevers came in for a family photo! We did some inside some outside. Turned out it was the perfect time for the leaves. By the lake turned out a bit windy, but my back yard was great.


The Abe family came in the same weekend for some great foliage shots! Fortunately it wasn’t as windy. They even brought along Snickers for some shots.


Lots of babies!

The latest babies in for a visit. 

Well my little friend Anna has a new baby brother and we got to meet him. Alex is a sweet little guy with lots of rolls, gotta love those chubby babies


Brinley and her sister Zoe came in to see me. Brin turned 1 in November. I can’t believe it has been a year already. Seems like yesterday that she was in for newborn photos. Wow time flies. 







We did some pics at the Pumpkin patch in Huntersville. My nephew Christian and sister Summer are quite photogenic. Christian was born 3 weeks after my Jack, they will be the best of buds!


Busy Season is here!!!

I am so behind on my blogging! I wonder why, 6 kids, holidays coming and my business typically quadruples this time of year. I am having a great time though. I get to see so many of my friends that I don’t get to see very often. Here is a quick update on a few. The Tucciarones came in to do their annual Christmas pics and cards! We did all kinds of fun outfits including a beautiful cinderella dress sewn by princess Giana’s grandma! They turned out so sweet!

Christmas Card 


Doctor Ellison brought her gang in to do some fun pics outside. We caught a great one! I wish I could get one like that of my family!!