Summer has begun

Well it looks like its going to be a hot one! Summer has just kicked off, and we have already climbed near the 100* mark. The kids are enjoying the pool, and a day at Carowinds as well. I think the next trip there will be just for the water park. We are having my hubby’s 40th bday party this weekend. It was supposed to be a  surprise, but I have a 6 year old that I just found out can’t keep a secret. Needless to say, it will still be fun. I have kept my appointments in the studio down to a minimum as my oldest (and babysitter) is traveling most of the summer. I am still managing to squeeze in a few shoots a week though. I am still on call at the hospital for NILMDTS as that is something out of my control. If you have never heard of the organization, you should check it out.Their site is  It is a wonderful service to help parents heal and have forever memories of there babies who are not going to make it out of the hospital. It has been a hard thing to do, but so rewarding knowing I’m giving a priceless gift to a family that would otherwise never have had the chance to have professional portraits done of their sweet angels. Anyways, I need to get back to work, looking forward to a great summer and excited to meet all my new seniors this summer for senior portraits!