Happy Birthday to my big miracle!

11 years ago today, I headed to the hospital for what I thought would be a routine “stop my labor again” visit. After waiting on the nurses to finish discussing their pay checks, I was finally checked in to be monitored for pre term labor. Robby wasn’t due for another 2 months, but this was an ongoing thing through my pregnancy. I was not afraid, just annoyed that my body was trying so hard to evict this little guy so early. I had been followed by a perinatologist for the past 3-4 months and had seen him a couple of days before. He assured me I would not deliver for at least 3-4 more weeks. My sweet sister Devon had gone in 2 days late and delivered her little Phoebe the night before this, and I had gone home with what I thought was sympathy labor. Come to find out after being all hooked up, I was in true labor, and Robby was tired of having his poor little head squeezed :) When the first contraction came on the monitor, his little heart rate dropped down to about 20 bpm. Well that may not sound too bad, but going from 145 to 20 isn’t good. When the nurse left the room running and yelling for the doctor, it was pretty clear to Brian that something was terribly wrong. The doctor came in, did an ultra sound trying to figure out what was up. During the US I had another contraction which sent his little heart rate plummeting again. Thats when my doctor ever so calmly said, ” Well I hope you’re ready because we’re going to have a baby today”.

Of course I was terrified as they didn’t have time to give me steroids or anything, and I had been researching on the internet way too much and knew that caucasian boys had the lowest survival rate and most complications if born early. We had no idea what we were having as a surprise seemed like a good idea at the time… Now I was praying for a girl!

The team worked amazingly fast, I was medicated, spinal blocked, wheeled in etc… all in a matter of about 5 minutes. The doctor cut me open, whipped out a lifeless little baby, and announced that we have a boy! There were no cries, no sound at all other than my cries to God to save him. The only voice I heard from afar was a nurse telling the doctor, we do not have a heart beat. He wasn’t breathing! I looked to Brian to tell me what was going on, only to get a sweet smile and “He’s fine”, when all along he knew he was not. Trying to comfort me in the midst of watching his first child be born lifeless.

A few moment later (what seemed like an eternity), the announcement was made that “we have a heart beat” and he had been intubated. He was rushed from the room before I ever had a chance to see his sweet face or hear even a small cry. I was devastated and elated at the same time. So thankful that God spared my bably boy and still terrified that we were not out of the woods yet.

I didn’t get to see him for 9-10 hours as I was so numb and had to be able to get into a wheel chair. When I was finally able to get to the NICU I could not believe how tiny he was and how long! He was named after my dad Robert and looked just like a little old man. He was just beautiful :) He made a miraculous recovery and was home in 13 days! He is strong and smart and wonderful! Happy birthday Robert Montgomery, you will always be our miracle!

Click the link to see and hear Robby’s first cry!

First Cry

Perfect day for a outdoor photo session (Charlotte Lake Norman area senior photographer)

My daughter Molly hopped in the car today after school and she looked so cute. I had my photo gear in my car from an earlier shoot, it has been a very overcast day, so I took advantage of the big soft box in the sky and a good hair day and headed to a pretty field near my studio. Nothing like a just for fun, impromptu session with a beautiful model :) Molly is a natural as she has grown up as a photographers daughter. We spent 20 minutes out there and got some beautiful images.

Take a peek at my sweet Molly…

Sweet baby Mason (Charlotte area newborn photographer)

This adorable little man came into the studio this week ready to party. He just new if he went to sleep he would miss something. Well after several snacks and lots of snuggling he finally gave in and went to sleep. That is when the fun began :) Maybe he knew we would be putting him in all sorts of baskets and stuff and putting hats on him?? Well we did and he slept through all of it:) Meet Mason!

Beautiful newborn twins… More Italian babies :) (Charlotte newborn photographer)

I went into Charlotte to capture the first days off these two beautiful babies. Luciana and Nico are a week old and good size for twins! They slept like a charm and were so much fun to work with. I also had a whole team helping me as mom had a nanny and nanny’s mom there to help as well. Needless to say, cleaning up, feeding, rocking etc… was a lot easier with more hands. Meet Nico & Luciana!

A beautiful Italian 1st bday! (Charlotte baby photographer)

Sophia & Nick came in for Sophia’s first birthday photos. What a gorgeous little girl, and a super sweet and cute big brother. They both have the most amazing eye lashes and are just too cute. Nick was a big helper as Sophia is walking now and wants her independence :) You wouldn’t believe the temper on such a sweet, petite angel of a baby! Needless to say, she was too gorgeous not to get some great shots, even if we made her mad a time or two :) Meet Sophia & Nick!

Flashes of Hope at Levine Children’s hospital in Charlotte (Charlotte children’s photographer)

We went out with the Flashes of Hope team to Levine Children’s Hospital this week and met some wonderful families. I love to see all the sweet smiles. It was great to see these families get to take a break from the craziness of their life and medical needs, to come and have their hair and make up done and be the star of the show. Take a peek at all of these adorable kiddos :)

“Forget the Chocolate” Valentine Special (Charlotte boudoir photography)

Ladies, let’s face it, our husband’s are visual creatures. They are like camera’s taking snap shots of all the things they see through out the day. In this day and age, they are being bombarded with visual images on TV, magazines, billboards, etc… I once heard a pastor say, “Be visually generous with your husband, so he doesn’t have to pull from all the images that he has captured throughout the day.”  Help stock their file cabinet with visual images of you. Beautiful, sexy imagery that will make their hearts beat a little faster. Nothing trashy, or over the top, just fun, playful, sexy images for his eyes only. Less is more. I like to keep it simple, leave some things to the imagination.

As a mom of 5, I know how having a baby can change your relationship with your husband. We are not as confident about our bodies, we have spent countless nights getting less than adequate sleep, and over all our focus has turned toward mothering. Our first responsibility is still to our husbands.

I have a passion for re-igniting the spark between couples. I think it is so important to feel good about ourselves and feel sexy, to help us maintain a healthy relationship with our spouses. Having a boudoir session can give you the confidence you need to reconnect after a new baby, or even after years of marriage. It is a wonderful wedding present as well for all of you engaged women :) My clients have told me that they have gotten as much out of the sessions as their husbands because it made them feel so good about themselves.

Boudoir photography is for Vivacious,  Flirtatious, Fun, Beautiful women of ALL shapes and sizes!

Let’s face it…there is nothing more sexy than confidence!

The “Forget the Chocolate” special is for boudoir sessions throughout February, in honor of good ol’ St Valentine :)

2 hour Session with 2 looks

Fully retouched images for preview

DVD slideshow of images in a custom case


If you’d like to book a session, or just find out more please feel free to contact me anytime!


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